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The Early Ford V8 Club of America, Inland Empire Regional Group #23, is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of all Ford Motor Company vehicles, 1932 through 1953. Our club recognizes all Ford Motor Company vehicles, including Ford, Lincoln, & Mercury, as well as other Ford powered vehicles built around the world. Most of our meetings are held at 5 p.m. on the first Sunday of each month. We meet at various locations. Check our homepage for updates on meeting places. Check our Calendar page for information on upcoming tours. 




During the summer of 1969, Dick Colby (already a member of the National Ford V8 Club), Jim Poston, Speedy Gunsaulis, and Bob Mingo decided to pursue their interest in old Ford V8’s by forming a local group of fellow enthusiasts. Through word of mouth and with newspaper ads, they worked to let area people know about the new club. By the end of the year, officers had been elected, a chapter had been received, and the club had officially become the Inland Empire Regional Group of the Early Ford V8 Club of America.

President: Dick Colby
Vice President: Cecil Meyer
Secretary: Speedy Gunsaulis
Treasurer: Bob Mingo
Historian: Frank Bevard

The early meetings were held in homes, in Dick Colby’s shop, and in the Washington Trust Bank on Trent Avenue. But family participation was encouraged and added to the size of meetings and activities. By November of 1970, Vera Power became the regular meeting place for the ever expanding group. A roster was put out in July of 1970 showing a total of twenty members.

Joe Yates, Cecil Meyer, Glen Rusho, Frank Bevard, Dick Colby, Bob Mingo, Les Smith, Jim Poston, Speedy Gunsaulis, Chuck Whittaker, Lew Daniels, Don Bakken, Dick Grosch, Franke LaBare, Bob Somes, Scott Fink, Hugh Hyde, Bill Frazier, Jim Barnett, and James Kilmer.

The well known Spokane Swap Meet, held every July, got its start in 1971 in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. The following year it was moved to the Spokane Interstate Fairgrounds. The Swap Meet has continued to grow, both in size and in popularity. It is considered one of the major events of the year for the Inland Empire old car fans.

Over the years, the Early Ford V8 Club members have participated in an untold number of activities. They have helped one another with restoration and have helped track down needed parts. The many tours, parades, and shows have allowed the proud members to show off their finished cars. Our club has been fortunate to present the opportunity to socialize with other friendly people while sharing a common interest.

Download our Membership Application
Bring with you to the next meeting or mail it to:

Early Ford V8 Club of the Inland Empire
P.O. Box 176 
Veradale, WA  99037 


Click here to join the 
National Early Ford V8 Club of America 
Online or download the application



It is our committee's goal to provide a balance of help for those in need in our communities. You can feed a hungry person, but unless you provide a balance of help for their disabilities, their need for jobs and medical care, or help with their education, which is a way out of poverty or a way to avoid it altogether, you have not given that person the tools needed to succeed. It is in all these ways that we can assist and encourage those in our communities that need help and give them a path to success, which in turn makes a stronger community. Each charity is researched based on the work they do, their financial status, and on their compatibility with our own mission statement. We have a list of 40 charities to consider. After the decisions are made, the recommendations are presented to the board for discussion and approval.

Our club can be very proud of the work we do for local charities and the impact we have in our communities.  Thank you to committee members and club members who help deliver the checks personally, and thank you to all who work so hard at the swap meet in order to make these donations possible. Great job! 


2024    Jack Guinnane

2023    Chuck McVey

2022    Chuck McVey

2021    Chuck McVey

2020    Chuck McVey

2019    B.J. Glander

2018    B.J. Glander

2017    Tom Dailey

2016    Tom Dailey

2015    Annette Long

2014    Annette Long

2013    Donn Pattinson

2012    Donn Pattinson

2011    Dale Furnish

2010    Dale Furnish

2009    Chuck Little

2008    Chuck Little

2007    Mack Cain

2006    Mack Cain

2005    Butch Glander

2004    Butch Glander

2003    Willie Harms

2002    Willie Harms

2001    Don Orvis

2000    Don Orvis

1999    Don Orvis

1998    Bob Long

1997   Bob Sills

1996   Bob Sills

1995   Bob Sills

1994   Joe Reger

1993    Glen Terry

1992    Butch Glander

1981    Butch Glander

1990    Tim Lehman

1989    George Feldmiller

1988    Lyle Jury

1987    Gene Gayken

1986    John Nord

1985    Paul Lewis

1984    Tim Lehman

1983    Bill McCullough

1982    John Dixon

1981    Bob Adams

1980    John Dixon

1979    Dick Grosch

1978    Butch Glander

1977    Glen Anderson

1976    Bill Mc Cullough

1975    Neil Felton

1974    Bill Haws

1973    Cecil Meyer

1972    Wally Graham

1971    Dick Colby

1970    Dick Colby


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